Size Dividers & Markers 

Clothing size dividers are easy-to-read and will enable customers to quickly find garments in their size. The size markers and size dividers are printed with black letters and numbers on white plastic. Size markers and dividers are available in a full range of men’s, women’s and children’s sizes.

Some of Russell and Miller’s most popular size divider products are round dividers that are sold blank and come with a black marker, or our Size’ngoTM Size Markers that may be attached to hangers. Another round option are the A-Z Alphabet Dividers (Set of 26) for retailers who prefer this marking system. For a refined appearance, Russell and Miller offers All Styles of Clothing Size Dividers Blank - Black/Rectangular in Packs of 100. You may write your own message or option from an array of pre-printed sizes.

Everything Clothing Retailers Need for Less!

Our most popular clothing size dividers and markers categories include Size Labels, Clothing Size Dividers, and Hanger Markers. Consider purchasing all of these to assist consumers to easily locate their size and make their selection.

Since 1948 Russell & Miller has provided the largest selection of Point of Sale supplies. We carry everything retailers require to run their operations with ease. Contact us if you have a question about any of our products, if you do not see what you are looking for, or when you want to place an order. We’ll be glad to assist you! You may reach us at (800) 975-6804.

  • Size Labels

    Size Labels

    Help customers find their sizes easily without unfolding garments.
  • Clothing Size Dividers

    Clothing Size Dividers

    Clothing Size Dividers allow retail stores to easily separate clothing and let customers find their size easily.
  • Hanger Markers

    Hanger Markers

    Use hanger markers to display clothing sizes on hangers.