About Us

Dear Valued Customer,

For over 50 years R&M has worked to provide merchandising solutions to the retail industry. Whether it's the local haberdashery in a small rural town or the national drug chain with 5,000 stores, we are dedicated to listening to our customers and helping you grow your business.

When you decide to give your business to R&M you can be assured that we are already working hard for you. Our art department designs all of our catalogs, creates hundreds of new products every year to keep things fresh, and for those customers who want a unique look there is no better source than R&M for custom artwork and design.

The electronic age, and our desire to meet tight deadlines, has required us to invest in the newest technology. Whether it's a seasonal kit or a complicated variable digital print project for 2,000 stores, our associates have devised systems to answer your needs and meet your delivery requirements. Quality is very important to us and for almost 40 years our vice president of production has managed our printing business. Most of our print work is handled entirely within our facility in Santa Fe Springs and with state of the art digital pre-press processes we are prepared to send and receive files from all over the world. The combined experience of our production staff has over 100 years of printing experience. These seasoned professionals have had the opportunity to print on many different materials and they take personal responsibility to see that your job is printed correctly before it reaches your stores.

For those complicated projects involving multiple stores and components, there is no better place to trust your merchandising needs than the R&M kitting staff. Each project gets measured for size and component complexity. Boxes are designed to hold each kit securely so it arrives in your store in perfect condition. Many of our larger customers require shipments throughout the year. If your requirements are similar we can do long print runs for greater cost savings, store the products in our facility, and ship them to you when needed.

UPS and FedEx trucks leave our facility everyday with hundreds of packages destined throughout the United States. To make sure your orders arrive on time our warehouse is designed to simplify the shipping process and every order is checked twice for accuracy before it leaves the building. If you need promotional materials for Valentine's Day you can be certain you won't receive Thanksgiving signs by mistake.

That's our story. We provide the design, pre-press, printing, kitting, warehousing and distribution to meet all of your merchandising needs. Although we are a much larger business today than when we started in 1948, we still remember that our success is because of our loyal customers. Whether you are an old friend or new to R&M we thank you for your business and hope we can continue to meet your expectations.