Plastic Jewelry Bags

Russell and Miller stocks hard to find retail items to facilitate the organized presentation and storage of your merchandise. R & M’s re-sealable plastic jewelry bags are ideal for storing, transporting and selling your jewelry department or store merchandise. Russell and Miller sells re-closable write-on bags with white panels for pricing and identification purposes in 4” x 6” or 2” x 3” sizes. These bags are especially useful in deterring theft as well as accidental loss.

Russell and Miller also carries plastic bags for jewelry and watches with a re-closeable front in various sizes that showcase the bag’s contents. Regardless of their size or the quantity purchased, all of our plastic jewelry bags are sold at highly competitive prices. These are a necessity for any jewelry retailer, whether you run a large operation in a busy shopping mall or are the sole proprietor of a street-side boutique.

Jewelers to Craft Store Owners Use R & M’s Plastic Jewelry Bags

Both sizes of our re-sealable plastic bags are useful for craft suppliers who sell large beads and sewing notions such as buttons by the unit. Whatever the product, Russell and Miller’s plastic bags corral smaller loose items as well as earrings, brooches and cufflinks and prevent retailers from losing small merchandise.

For over 50 years R&M has been providing our clients with top-tier solutions to their retail display needs. We carry an extensive selection of store fixtures and display items for every retail environment. Browse our online catalogue and be sure to contact us today for our renowned customer service and support. Be the first to know about our newest products and promotions and sign up to be notified today!

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