Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard Hooks for Better Merchandising

Russell & Miller’s pegboard hooks are a highly versatile tool for merchandising all types of punched product while maximizing both wall and floor space. Simple and unassuming, they are affordable, long lasting and provide an excellent method for hanging small to medium sized packaged retail items. Use our hooks to showcase new or smaller items while keeping valuable merchandise in place.

Have a small space or a wide selection of similar items? Our hooks are an excellent option for displaying items like these. These hooks help keep floor inventory neatly organized within various categories, while maintaining the flexibility to switch the inventory around whenever the need arises, such as during sales or to accommodate seasonal products.

Making Pegboard Hooks Work for You

Hooks for pegboard and perforated shelving have a multitude of benefits other than maximizing floor and wall space. Control your store’s traffic flow by using a pegboard display. If floor space is at a premium, create an eye-catching display in an open area. Use these hooks to help reduce merchandise theft. Make smaller items more noticeable and keep them in visual range at all times. These scan-able hooks can make inventory a less time consuming process as well.

Choose from a wide variety of lightweight or heavy-duty hooks, self-adhesive labels, scan-able hooks, and other options to efficiently merchandise your products. Both lightweight and heavy duty pegboard hooks are available in a multitude of lengths to accommodate various products and packaging, ranging from 2 to 12 inches.

Russell & Miller has been supplying pegboard hooks and other point of sale supplies to the retail industry for over 50 years. Our competitive prices and high product quality have no equal. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click here to contact us with any questions or call 1-800-975-6804, Monday through Friday, 9 AM 7 PM (EST) for help with placing your order and to find out about bulk quantity discounts.

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