Policy & Promotional Signs 

Policy Signs and Promotional Signs from Russell and Miller

Policy signs quickly announce store rules and can answer common customer questions at a single glance. Avoid unnecessary confrontations by having store policies out in the open with these signs. Promotional signs draw immediate attention to in store sale items, new items, and clearance items. Highlight areas in your store that you want customers to see quickly and easily. At Russell and Miller, we carry a large selection of signs designed to help make the customer experience easier.

With more than a dozen options to choose from, our policy signs can help to establish store policy from the moment customers enter your store. Allowing customers to know the establishment's policies before they even reach the counter can help save your employees from potential confrontations over common practices like credit card acceptance, merchandise return policies, and restroom availability.

Promotional Shelf Signs

Our promotional signs come in a wide variety of sizes, suitable for immediate hanging and display. Instantly draw your customers' attention where you want it with these brightly colored signs. Russell and Miller stocks sale signs in a variety of common percentage increments - 10%, 15%, 30%, 20%-50%, 40%, and 50%.

In addition to sales signs, we carry new arrival signs, non-percentage sale signs, and clearance signs. All signs are printed on heavy card stock, suitable for usage with sign holders or for use on their own. These promotional sign cards are also priced economically so stock up now.

Russell and Miller has been supplying policy signs, promotional signs, and other point of sale supplies to the retail industry for over 50 years. Our competitive prices and high quality products can’t be beat. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click here to contact us with any questions or call 1-800-975-6804, Monday through Friday, 9 AM 7 PM (EST) for help with placing your order and to find out about bulk quantity discounts.