Product Displays 

Displaying your merchandise creatively attracts shoppers and will likely convert them to customers. Whether your retail outlet features clothing, accessories or even grocery items, highlighting a selection of items in one or several attractive product store displays will attract consumer attention. Enticing shoppers to explore more of your selling floor increases the opportunity to make a sale.

Position a vignette of mannequins and dress them in outfits by pulling merchandise from several departments, will enable shoppers to envision the clothing on themselves. Sales of these garments and accessories are likely to increase. Round rackage is ideal for displaying tops, blouses shirts and swimwear. Be sure to color coordinate by size to heighten shopper interest and make it easier for them to make their selections.

If your merchandise is hidden from view on your racks, add a pair of faceout hangrails to one or both ends and prominently display up to seven garments to draw shoppers to inspect and select your garments.

If your merchandise is small, such as jewelry, Russell and Miller has a vast selection of padded display pieces for earrings, rings, watches, bracelets and necklaces. These may be arranged on a countertop at eye level or secured within a glass display case.

Boost Sales With R & M’s Versatile Product Store Displays

Displays can be a retailer’s silent sales force by allowing shoppers to make their selections easily. Grocery items can be showcased in R & M’s Peck Basket Display Stand to bring the ambience of a country farmstand to any supermarket or retail store. Packaged snack foods and breads may be prominently displayed in our Six Shelf Floor Display which enables easy access by consumers yet occupies very little selling floor space.

Russell and Miller offers a wide variety of product store displays including display bins, racks and baskets. We also carry product displays for jewelry, spinning displays, showcases, hang rails and accessories, garment racks for clothing, and much more. We offer the most popular retail display options meet your retail display needs. Call us to discuss your requirements or to order, today: 1-800-975-6804 Monday through Friday, 9AM-7PM (EST) or express shop online.