Retail Store Security 

In retail, sometimes losses can offset profits. Russell and Miller understands that theft by consumers as well as employees (shrink), eats away at your store’s bottom line. To retain and to realize a greater return on your store’s ROI, consider a selection of our affordable yet effective retail store security products.

Sometimes it is the simplest solution that deters retail theft. We offer portable barriers and chains. These imposing items are actually plastic chains with rustproof stanchions which can be easily moved to demarcate customer lines. Place them around displays to create a 'look but do not touch’ barrier that cannot be easily breached.

Sometimes a consumer may not be aware that they are in possession of counterfeit currency. Initiate a store policy to check larger denomination bills with our Counterfeit Detector Pen. It is an inexpensive way to keep more of your profits.

Mirror, Mirror on the Ceiling

Shoplifters account for most store losses. Keep those losses to a minimum with our standard convex security mirror or standard full dome mirror. Position these mirrors in corners and prominently on the ceiling to let would-be thieves know that you have an 'eye in the sky’.

For proprietors of smaller stores an inexpensive and highly effective deterrent is a simple door chimes. Store clerks cannot be everywhere and see everything. A door chime alerts your staff that someone has entered. Announcing their presence also deters sneak or thrill-seeker thieves who made grab small items but these losses can add up.

We carry a wide range of security products for retail store security to deter both theft and shrink. Our retail store security products include ceiling mirrors, convex security mirrors, and full and quarter dome security mirrors. R & M also offers door chimes, under counter safes, counterfeit detector pens, and imitation security cameras to retailers to safeguard their stores and retain greater profits. Our knowledgeable representatives will be glad to answer any questions you may have and to make recommendations. Call us to discuss your requirements or to order, today: 1-800-975-6804 Monday through Friday, 9AM-7PM (EST) or express shop online.