Shelf Channel Label Covers 

Shoppers are not likely to purchase goods that do not have clearly visible pricing and other key information at the point-of-sale. An issue with channel-mounted labelling is that it can easily be removed by knocks and jarring as well as by those who would try to remove it. The problem is the channels themselves. While ideal for mounting to shelf-edges, labels with pressure-sensitive backing do not adhere well to most aluminum channel rails. And for those labels that do, time and temperature changes can affect their adhesion. The solution to keeping shelf channel labels in place is Russell & Miller’s Shelf Channel Label Covers.

Russell & Miller carries a selection of shelf channel label covers in standard sizes for your retail store. Use shelf channel label covers to protect channel rail cards. Shelf channel label covers can be used for individual protection or as one long continuous strip. Sold in rolls that vary in width and length, these economical rolls of tape ensure that product labelling stays put until merchandisers choose to remove it. Available in convenient 3-inch clear plastic strips on a 250 foot or 500-foot roll, the adhesive side grips the metal channel, while the facing side accepts and holds pressure sensitive labelling with ease.

Everything Retailers Need for Point-of-Sale Success

In addition to shelf channel label covers, Russell & Miller carries a large inventory of related items to ensure that your shelf edges may be fully utilized to promote your shelf-displayed merchandise. We stock Channel Shelf Talkers to promote individual sale items, Shelf Channel Clips to use as aisle violators that catch consumers’ attention, Shelf Channel Rail Cards in vivid yellow, for posting key product information, Shelf Channel Pricing Systems, as well as Shelf Channel Rails.

Since 1948, retailers of every size have turned to Russell & Miller for the best selection and service for all their point-of-sale marketing materials. We stock the largest inventory of the products that retailers require. If there is an item you do not see online or in our catalog, ask us! We provide custom printing and graphics as well as prepress production. In addition, Russell & Miller can provide warehousing and even nationwide distribution services. For retailers of any size and every budget, we can help your enterprise to succeed! Sign up to receive your free catalog or if you have questions, please call us at (800) 975-6804.