Shelf Channel Products 

We carry a variety of shelf channel products for all purposes, including Shelf Channel Rails for advertising and pricing directly in front of the shelf, Shelf Channel Rail Cards; vinyl rail tickets for displaying product information, Shelf Channel Label Covers for protecting rail cards, and Shelf Channel Pricing Systems for displaying on-the-shelf pricing, plus more.

  • Shelf Channel Pricing System

    Shelf Channel Pricing System

    Use the shelf channel pricing system to easily display product prices with bold, easy-to-see numbers.
  • Shelf Channel Clips

    Shelf Channel Clips

    Use shelf channel clips to attach additional product information to shelf channels and highlight merchandise.
  • Shelf Channel Rails

    Shelf Channel Rails

    Our shelf channel rails include aluminum, PVC, and self-adhesive shelf channel rails, and much more.
  • Channel Shelf Talkers

    Channel Shelf Talkers

    Channel shelf talkers are made of heavy-duty vinyl and are available in a number of high-impact styles and sizes.
  • Shelf Channel Rail Cards

    Shelf Channel Rail Cards

    Shelf channel rail tickets are available in a variety of styles and can be used in a channel rail or hung on peghooks or merchandise.
  • Shelf Channel  Label Covers

    Shelf Channel Label Covers

    Shelf channel label covers can be used for individual protection or as one long continuous strip.
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