Shelf Channel Products 

Russell & Miller carries a variety of Shelf Channel products for all purposes. Our selection includes Shelf Channel Rails for advertising and pricing directly in front of the shelf, Shelf Channel Rail Cards; vinyl rail tickets for displaying product information, Shelf Channel Label Covers for protecting rail cards, and Shelf Channel Pricing Systems for displaying on-the-shelf pricing, plus more.

Our most popular categories for Shelf Channels include, our Shelf Channel Pricing System that enables retailers to display individual product prices with clearly visible numbers, Shelf Channel Rails in aluminum and PVC that screw mount, and self-adhesive rails as well. Other popular items in this category include Shelf Channel Label Covers which may be used in one continuous strip running the length of the channel. These protect pricing and keep them in place until retailers’ changeovers.

Call Attention To Price Reductions!

Shelf Channel Rail Cards are tickets that are sized to fit standard 1-” shelf channels. These will not tear and are easy to remove when no longer needed. Call attention to your retail price changes in Shelf Channels! Our large, brightly-colored arrows will alert consumers to price reductions and increase sales, and influence impulse buys.

Russell & Miller has provided the largest selection of Point of Sale supplies since 1948. We carry everything retailers require to run their stores with ease. Please contact us if you have a question about any of our products, or if you do not see what you are looking for. When you want to place an order, we’ll be glad to assist you, too! You may reach us at: (800) 975-6804.

  • Shelf Channel Pricing System

    Shelf Channel Pricing System

    Use the shelf channel pricing system to easily display product prices with bold, easy-to-see numbers.
  • Shelf Channel Clips

    Shelf Channel Clips

    Use shelf channel clips to attach additional product information to shelf channels and highlight merchandise.
  • Shelf Channel Rails

    Shelf Channel Rails

    Our shelf channel rails include aluminum, PVC, and self-adhesive shelf channel rails, and much more.
  • Channel Shelf Talkers

    Channel Shelf Talkers

    Channel shelf talkers are made of heavy-duty vinyl and are available in a number of high-impact styles and sizes.
  • Shelf Channel Rail Cards

    Shelf Channel Rail Cards

    Shelf channel rail tickets are available in a variety of styles and can be used in a channel rail or hung on peghooks or merchandise.
  • Shelf Channel  Label Covers

    Shelf Channel Label Covers

    Shelf channel label covers can be used for individual protection or as one long continuous strip.