Tach-It Tagging Gun 

Selling floor merchandise that does not have its price tag will not sell easily. Even if the item is exactly what a shopper is looking for, consumers may not wish to take the extra time to have a store associate look up and retag the item. Items that do not sell within a reasonable time period are marked down. Merchandise that has a price tag will sell more quickly and in the long run saves retailers money.

Price tagging merchandise to prepare it for the selling floor used to be a chore. Many merchandisers had to attach prices to the appropriate product by hand. Today, tagging guns speed the process and can also be used to track inventory and as a loss-prevention tool to deter ticket switching.

Deter Ticket Switching with the Tach It Tagging Gun

Tach-It tagging guns are ideal for tagging clothing, towels, furniture, and many other fabrics. We carry a full line of these pricing guns and their accessories which include heavy-duty tagging needles. A great feature of these tagging guns is their versatility. Tach-it’s plastic fasteners may be used with other brand taggers as well.

Be sure to order enough fasteners and keep a supply on hand. Fine taggers are intended for use with delicate fabrics, standard taggers with thicker material such as pillows or shirting and heavy duty works well with upholstery, rugs, mattresses and patio furniture cushions.

The versatile Tach-It tagging gun retail pricing tool is affordably priced. Be sure to purchase enough tagging guns for your entire merchandising team to ensure quick selling floor changeouts and changeovers. If you have questions about Tach-It tagging guns or our line of pricing and tagging products, or would like to order, please contact us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM at (800) 975-6804, EST.