Tagging Barbs

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When consumers locate an item only to discover that it has no price tag, it is quickly rejected. Pricing sells inventory and secure price tags ensure your merchandise will move. Most merchandise price tags are affixed to items using a tagging gun. Similar to a stapler, tagging guns are loaded with a cartridge with at least 1,000 plastic tagging barbs. These barbs first pierce merchandise, such as an upholstery tag, for a secure hold.

Tagging barbs are available for fine fabrics, such as pillows, standard, and heavy-duty, for use with thick fabrics such as patio furniture cushions. Retailers know that merchandise pricing changes occur every day. Keeping a supply of these useful barbs on hand ensures that daily changeovers can be carried out quickly by merchandisers.

Pricing Barbs for Every Pricing Task

Choose from Russell & Miller’s selection of 1” Standard Tagging Barbs, which deter ticket switching as they must be cut to be removed, 1-” T-End Barbs, which are ideal for piercing thick rugs without damage, 1” J-Hook Tagging Barbs, which protect items such as headgear, hosiery, stuffed toys and items merchandised on peghooks from ticket switching. We recommend purchasing colored barbs as these facilitate tracking stock rotation as well.

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