Tagging Gun - Fasteners/Loops/Ties 

When retailers receive new merchandise it must be prepared for the selling floor. Any wrapping is removed, fabrics may be steamed, and price tags are attached. For some items, this means attaching a price decal to an existing label. For garments, furniture, bedding, decor and other household items made from fabric, pricing is generally attached using tagging guns.

Tagging guns are hand-held, and load much like staplers. Instead of metal staples, however, the guns are loaded with plastic fasteners, loops, or ties. These may be barbed to pierce price tags, or attach to paper price tags and labels. To ensure that merchandisers do not run out of fasteners easily, the guns generally accept a 1,000 to 5,000 fastener cartridge. Some fasteners are designed to deter theft by locking their pricing to merchandise permanently. These security loops can only be removed by the retail associate at the point of sale.

Pricing guns make it possible for retailers to adjust product pricing on-the-fly to comply with price changes, sales, promotions, special events, clearance and special offers. Their single-trigger operation reduces hand and wrist stress. Some models are padded for additional ergonomic comfort. These pricing guns enable merchandisers to keep their stock selling-floor ready. Tagging guns also deter price switching and can also assist retailers with inventory control management.

A Great Selection of Price Tagging Guns

Russell & Miller carries quality pricing guns from brands such as Tach-It, Simba, and Avery. Our selection of tagging guns are available for fine, heavy-duty or standard purposes. We also carry price tagging barbs available in heavy-duty, standard, fine fabric, J-hook and colored tagging barbs.

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