Tagging Guns & Tagging Barbs 

Proper pricing is essential for a successful retail business. Tagging guns can help increase sales, avert price switching and effectively provide inventory control. Our highly dependable and simple use tagging gun products can be your retail shop’s best secret weapon.

Tagging Gun - Day-To-Day Pricing

In the world of retail, sales, clearances, promotions, offers, special events and other influences on day-to-day pricing means that prices can change often. Be ready with a tagging gun that works swiftly and ably so you can adjust the price of your wares at a moment’s notice and make sure all of your retail items are up to date in a flash. Our affordable and highly functional tagging guns, adjustable security loops, secur-a-tach fasteners and heavy duty needle accessories can help you to achieve easy and frequent price adjustments.

Tagging Guns Brands

We carry quality price tagging guns from brands such as Tach-It, Simba and Avery. Price tagging guns are available for heavy-duty or standard purposes, and are the best on the market. We also carry price tagging barbs available in heavy-duty, standard, fine fabric, J-hook and colored tagging barbs.

At Russell & Miller, we are dedicated to seeing our clients equip themselves for success. Buy our top-quality products at our honest and fair prices and you’ll see why.

  • Tagging Gun - Fasteners/Loops/Ties

    Tagging Gun - Fasteners/Loops/Ties

    We carry a large selection of tagging gun fasteners, loops and ties.
  • Tagging Gun

    Tagging Gun

    Everything you need to start tagging merchandise.
  • Tach-It Tagging Gun

    Tach-It Tagging Gun

    The best gun in the business for attaching to clothing, towels, furniture, canvas, shoes, and many other fabrics.
  • tag'ngo Tagging Gun

    tag'ngo Tagging Gun

    The fine fabric tagging gun is perfect for minimizing fabric damage on silk, lingerie and sensitive knits.
  • Tagging Barbs

    Tagging Barbs

    This tagging gun is ideal for clothes, toys, shoes, baskets, stuffed animals and so much more.
  • Simba Tagging Gun

    Simba Tagging Gun

    Perfect for smaller jobs and medium fabrics.