tag'ngo Tagging Gun 

Every retailer needs a reliable, low-cost tagging gun to ensure that merchandise is priced and ready for the selling floor. Russell & Miller carries an assortment of tagging guns including the durable Tag’ngo. The Tag’ngo is the tagging gun of choice for retailers who feature upholstered furniture, decor items such as pillows, patio furniture cushions and rugs. The sturdy tagging gun loads quickly and holds a large capacity of barbs. Designed to reload quickly, the Tag’ngo is a workhorse that facilitates tagging new stock, and replacing tags on returns and sale merchandise.

Be able to adjust product pricing on-the-fly to comply with price changes, sales, promotions, special events, clearance, and special offers. The affordable Tag’ngo enables merchandisers to keep their stock selling-floor ready. The tagging gun also deters price switching and can also assist retailers with inventory control management.

Purchase Tagging Guns from Russell & Miller

Russell & Miller is a one-stop shop for retailers. We carry Tag'ngo tagging guns and accessories. The Tag'ngo tagging gun is an economy tagging gun for tagging standard upholstery products. Accessories for Tag'ngo guns include replacement needles and fine fabric tagging needles.

We carry price tagging guns and barbs that are intended for standard or heavy-duty use. Our selection of price tagging barbs are available in standard, heavy duty, colored, fine fabric, and J-hook price tagging barbs. Russell & Miller also stocks adhesive tagging mounts, and carries loops and ties for our entire inventory of price tagging guns.

For retailers of every size, we recommend quality price tagging guns and their accessories from Tag'ngo. At Russell & Miller’s affordable prices, you can equip your entire merchandising team with a personal tagging gun to make short work of new bringing new merchandise to the selling floor. If you have a question about Tag’ngo Tagging Guns or any point of sale retail products, please give us a call at (800) 975-6804, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM.