Vinyl Envelopes  

Russell and Miller stocks a variety of vinyl sign holders, which are also known as Vinyl Envelopes. These heavy-duty clear vinyl sheaths are designed to protect sale tags, price cards, warranties, and important product information. Display them on furniture, appliances, electronics, sporting goods, power tools, and a wide range of other products. Vinyl envelopes come in both horizontal and vertical styles in a multitude of sizes to meet your every merchandising requirement.

Why Your Store Needs Vinyl Envelopes

Retailers often remove hang tags from garments so they do not visual interfere with window and selling floor displays. These can often be lost creating a time consuming issue when the garment or product is returned to inventory or to the selling floor. Another issue is fraud from consumers who switch hang tags with less expensive garments. Heavy-duty clear envelopes protect enclosed tags and resolve both issues. Open at the top to allow for easy signage insertion, and sealed on the bottom and sides, so information is easily seen and stored. No matter which size you choose, you’ll receive 100 envelopes per pack. Simple to use, vinyl envelopes attach easily with tagging barbs through a hole at the top of the envelopes.

Once you purchase your vinyl envelopes with 1 inch J-Hook Tagging Barbs you may wonder how your retail outlet managed without them. These are ideal to place on clothing, furniture, fabrics and more. The paddle end will prevent tag switching. The J-hook style barbs are popular to use with hosiery, headwear, stuffed toys, peg hooks and more - their uses are virtually unlimited!

To order vinyl envelopes or any of Russell and Miller's additional retail display solutions, please call 1-800-975-6804 Monday through Friday, 9AM-7PM (EST) or express shop online.