Waterproof Price Cards

Do not put your nursery stock, patio furniture or sidewalk sale merchandise outdoors and expect customers to magically gravitate towards your wares. Be sure to post waterproof price cards from Russell & Miller that may be viewed from a distance and draw interested shoppers right to your merchandise. We stock a large inventory of possibilities that every retailer can use. From 4-⅞ x 4-⅞” bursts printed in vivid, fade-resistant inks on card stock to 7” x 11” signs with bright borders that will command attention, and stand up to the occasional rain shower or watering hose.

Russell & Miller stocks an extensive selection of waterproof price cards suitable for every retail store. These price cards are ideal for outdoor displays to announce sales, promotions, or display pricing. They are also economical and available in a variety of different sizes and styles featuring high-impact graphics or shapes that your customers are certain to notice.

Great Waterproof Price Cards for Your Outdoor Displays

Choose from our price card selection that includes daisy-shaped cards, or square bursts in vivid neon green, neon yellow, warm brown and hot pink, cards that are bordered in eye-catching bright yellow, blank cards, cards with an attractive floral scene, as well as pre-printed Sale and Special waterproof price cards.

Whatever your retail store supply requirements, Russell & Miller will be glad to fill them. For over 50 years, we have provided point of sale display solutions for retailers in every industry and of every size. From signage to display components, Russell & Miller carries everything well-run retail stores require. If you do not see exactly what you need, please ask us. We can also provide custom printing to make your sales promotions uniquely yours. For more information, or to place an order, contact us at (800) 975-6804, Monday through Friday, 9AM-7PM (EST) or express shop online.

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